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Creed band 2009

Creed photo 2009

Creed Biography

This Alternative-Rock band come together in 1995 in Tallahassee, Florida USA, when vocalist Scott Stapp teamed-up with guitarist Mark Tremonti; the pair began writing songs and playing music with bassist Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips.

The foursome's debut, "My Own Prison", which arrived in early summer of 1997 on Wind-up Records, cracked The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart within a few months and eventually peaked at #22; it contained four Mainstream Rock top 3 hit singles including the #1 "What's This Life For", the title-track, "Torn" and "One".

Their second effort, "Human Clay", was released two years later; the record shot to #1 on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 and on the Top Canadian Albums charts, highlighted by their masterpiece, "Higher", this single enjoyed a rather impressive 17 weeks at #1 on The Modern Rock chart, also hit the top of The Mainstream Rock Tracks and peked at #7 on The Billboard Hot 100. The second single, "With Arms Wide Open", hit #1 on both Hot 100 Sales and Active Rock airplay charts, moreover snagged a #2 spot on The Modern Rock Tracks. Two more singles followed: the Mainstream Rock top 5 hits "Are You Ready?" and "What If", while the album went on to sell 11 million copies.
In June of 2000, Marshall blasted Pearl Jam in a radio interview and was quickly and publicly reprimanded by Stapp on the band's official WebSite, the bassist left Creed before the end of the summer term.

In late 2001, Creed returned as a three-piece unit, with "Weathered" which immediately soared to #1 on The Billboard 200 and peaked at #3 in Canada. The first single, "My Sacrifice", hit #1 on The Mainstream Rock chart, #2 on The Modern Rock Tracks and rocketed to the #4 position on The Billboard Hot 100; the follow-up single, "One Last Breath", hit the top 10 on both Billboard's Hot 100 and Mainstream Rock charts. The album's title-track was another smash single, weighed in at #7 on the Active Rock airplay list and "Bullets" shot to #11 on the same chart, while "Weathered" was certified platinum six times over.

When Creed took a break, Mark Tremonti and Scott Phillips started to jam together again in 2003 and the following year, reunited with Brian Marshall formed Alter Bridge.

After nearly a decade together and over 30 million albums sold worldwide the members of Creed announced the break-up of the band in mid-2004.

In November 2005, Scott Stapp released his first solo album.

A meeting at an Orlando hotel, where Stapp and Tremonti exchanged pictures of their families, resulted in a reconciliation and a decision for Creed to tour with its original line-up. Not wanting the shows to spotlight just their past greatest hits, the reunited band entered the studio in mid-2009 and the resulting album was aptly dubbed "Full Circle". Preceded by two singles, the Billboard Rock Songs top 10 hit "Overcome" and "Rain", the band's fourth full-length disc arrived in October 2009.


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Creed pictures:

  • Creed band 1999 Creed band 1999
    "Human Clay" era - clockwise from bottom left: Scott Stapp, Brian Marshall, Mark Tremonti & Scott Phillips.
  • Creed band lineup 2001 Creed band lineup 2001
    Creed line-up in 2001

My Own Prison (1997)

My Own Prison
1. Torn
2. Ode
3. My Own Prison
4. Pity For A Dime
5. In America
6. Illusion
7. Unforgiven
8. Sister
9. What's This Life For
10. One

Human Clay (1999)

Human Clay
1. Are You Ready?
2. What If
3. Beautiful
4. Say I
5. Wrong Way
6. Faceless Man
7. Never Die
8. With Arms Wide Open
9. Higher
10. Wash Away Those Years
11. Inside Us All

Weathered (2001)

1. Bullets
2. Freedom Fighter
3. Who's Got My Back?
4. Signs
5. One Last Breath
6. My Sacrifice
7. Stand Here With Me
8. Weathered
9. Hide
10. Don't Stop Dancing
11. Lullaby

Full Circle (2009)

Full Circle
1. Overcome
2. Bread Of Shame
3. A Thousand Faces
4. Suddenly
5. Rain
6. Away In Silence
7. Fear
8. On My Sleeve
9. Full Circle
10. Time
11. Good Fight
12. The Song You Sing
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