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Crossfade band photo 2010

Crossfade Biography

Based in Columbia, South Carolina USA, the Alternative-Metal Alternative-Rock outfit Crossfade was initially formed in the late '90s with lead singer + guitarist Ed Sloan, bassist Mitch James and drummer Brian Geiger. DJ vocalist + turntablist Tony Byroads was the last member to join the band.

In September of 2002 they released a self-produced album which contained eight of the ten songs that comprised their official self-titled debut full-length disc which came out in the spring 2004 on Columbia Records. "Crossfade" topped The Billboard Magazine's Top Heatseekers chart while the first single, "Cold", hit #2 on The Modern Rock chart and #3 on The Mainstream Rock Tracks. The album then started to climb The Billboard 200 where it remained for an amazing 70 weeks, eventually peaking at #41 and obtaining platinum certification by the RIAA. The CD yielded two more Active Rock top 10 hits with "So Far Away" and "Colors".

After two years off, Crossfade returned as a three-piece unit with Sloan, James and new drummer James Branham. Their eagerly-awaited sophomore record, "Falling Away", was released in August 2006 and quickly catapulted into the top 30 of The Billboard 200 producing two Active Rock top 20 hits, "Invincible" and "Drown You Out".

June 2011 saw the release of "We All Bleed". This album, three years in the making, was recorded with Bury Your Dead drummer Mark Castillo and guitarist + keyboardist & arranger Les Hall, who became part of the new official band's line-up. The disc, issued via Eleven Seven Music, debuted at #100 on The Billboard Top 200 chart. The first single, "Killing Me Inside", netted the band a new Active Rock top 20 hit and its follow-up, "Prove You Wrong", inched into the top 30 on the same chart.


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Crossfade pictures:

  • Crossfade band lineup 2004 Crossfade band lineup 2004
    The band line-up 2004
  • Crossfade 2006 Crossfade 2006
    Crossfade 2006

Crossfade (2004)

Crossfade self-titled album
1. Starless
2. Cold
3. So Far Away
4. Colors
5. Death Trend Setta
6. The Deep End
7. No Giving Up
8. Dead Skin
9. Disco
10. The Unknown

Falling Away (2006)

Falling Away
1. Washing The World Away
2. Already Gone
3. Somebody
4. Invincible
5. Falling Away
6. Everything's Wrong
7. Why
8. Breathing Slowly
9. Anchor
10. Drown You Out
11. Never Coming Home

We All Bleed (2011)

We All Bleed
1. Dead Memories
2. Killing Me Inside
3. Prove You Wrong
4. Lay Me Down
5. Dear Cocaine
6. Suffocate
7. I Think You Should Know
8. We All Bleed
9. Open Up Your Eyes
10. Make Me A Believer
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