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Cry Of Love

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Cry Of Love

Cry Of Love photo 1993
from left: Audley Freed, Kelly Holland, Robert Kearns and Jason Patterson

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Brother (1993)

1. Highway Jones
2. Pretty As You Please
3. Bad Thing
4. Too Cold In The Winter
5. Hand Me Down
6. Gotta Love Me
7. Carnival
8. Drive It Home
9. Peace Pipe
10. Saving Grace

Diamonds & Debris (1997)

1. Empty Castle
2. Hung Out To Dry
3. Sugarcane
4. Fire In The Dry Grass
5. Georgia Pine
6. Warm River Pearl
7. Sweet Mary's Gone
8. Revelation (Rattlesnakes And Queens)
9. Bring Me My Burden
10. Sunday Morning Flood
11. Diamonds And Debris
12. Hung Out Redux
13. Garden Of Memories
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