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Cursive photo 2009

Cursive Biography

This Indie-Rock band started out as a quartet in 1995, in Omaha, Nebraska USA, by singer + guitarist Tim Kasher, guitarist Steve Pedersen, bassist Matt Maginn and drummer Clint Schnase.

In 1997, the quartet made their debut with the full-length disc, "Such Blinding Stars For Starving Eyes", which followed their first singles.

The following year was spent touring and working on songs for what would become group's sophomore full-length, "The Storms Of Early Summer: Semantics Of Song", but the record did not perform well and the group break-up.

Cursive members decided to re-started the band in 2000 with Ted Stevens replacing Pedersen in the line-up and "Domestica" was released on Saddle Creek Records.
A few months later the group introduced cello player Gretta Cohn and recorded an EP entitled "Burst And Bloom".

Their next album,"The Ugly Organ", which was issued in 2003, received universal acclaim from critics and peaked at #9 on the Billboard's Top Independent chart while the single "The Recluse" attracted substantial airplay on Alternative-Rock stations.

Prior to the recording of 2006's "Happy Hollow", the band lost cellist Gretta Cohn. Cursive continued on as a four-piece and their fifth album reached the #96 position on The Billboard 200.

Another three years passed before the Omaha-based outfit returned with a new album, "Mama, I'm Swollen"; founding drummer, Clint Schnase, left the band on good terms and was replaced by touring drummer Cornbread Compton.

Longtime trio of Tim Kasher, Matt Maginn and Ted Stevens with Patrick Newbery on keyboards and Cully Symington on drums, recorded in the summer and fall of 2011 at Omaha's ARC Studios the seventh Cursive album, "I Am Gemini". The catchy, insistent "The Sun And Moon", was the first single off the band's latest record, which was released in February 2012.


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Cursive pictures:

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    The band line-up 2003
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    Cursive 2006