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Damone photo 2003

Damone Biography

The Alternative-Rock Punk-Rock band Damone formed in 2001, in a little town called Waltham just outside of the metro-Boston area, Massachusetts USA, with the original line-up of Noelle LeBlanc on vocals + guitar, Dave Pino on guitar, Mike Vazquez on bass and Dustin Hengst on drums.

Two years later the band made their debut with "From The Attic", a full-length CD issued on RCA Records, in the spring of 2003.

Shortly thereafter, founding member Dave Pino quit the band; Damone was also let out of their contract with RCA. Guitarist Mike Woods was added to the Punk-Rock fray by 2004 and Damone began writing songs for a second album, "Out Here All Night", which came out on Island/Def Jam in May 2006. It debuted at #168 on The Billboard 200 and the title-track peaked at #32 on The Hot Modern Rock chart.


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From The Attic (2003)

From The Attic
1. Frustrated Unnoticed
2. Your Girlfriends
3. Up To You
4. Feel Bad Vibe
5. Overchay With Me
6. On My Mind
7. Carwash Romance
8. Driveway Blues
9. At The Mall
10. You And I
11. Leave Me Alone

Out Here All Night (2006)

Out Here All Night
1. Now Is The Time
2. Out Here All Night
3. What We Came Here For
4. Stabbed In The Heart
5. On Your Speakers
6. Get Up And Go
7. Outta My Way
8. You're The One
9. New Change Of Heart
10. When You Live
11. Tonight
12. Wasted Years
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