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Dangerous! bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Dangerous! Australian band

Dangerous! band photo 2011

Dangerous! Biography

Originally formed in Adelaide, AUSTRALIA, in 2008 Dangerous! featured lead singer + keyboardist Tommy Lofts, guitarist Nicky Jones, bassist Liam Neville and drummer Jarrad Lee. Characterized by sonically outrageous tones, Punk-Rock elements and garage aesthetic, in 2010 the band signed with California label Epitaph Records.

Dangerous! then flew to Los Angeles to make their debut record, "Teenage Rampage", which was released in September 2011. It includes the high-octane single "Not One Of You".


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Dangerous! pictures:

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Teenage Rampage (2011)

Teenage Rampage
1. Not One Of You
2. Movers N Shakers
3. Slo Mo Video
4. Chasing The Girls
5. Big Muff
6. Poppies
7. Needle
8. Nightmare
9. Leper
10. Ocean
11. Huzzy
12. D! Or Die
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