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Dangerous New Machine

Dangerous New Machine bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Dangerous New Machine band

Dangerous New Machine photo 2009
from left: Jake Kitchen, Billy Grey, Erik Rogers and Rodney Beaubouef

Dangerous New Machine Biography

Dangerous New Machine is an Alternative-Rock outfit based out of Atlanta, Georgia USA, featuring former Stereomud vocalist Erik Rogers, followed by Billy Grey on lead guitar, Jake Kitchen on bass and Rodney Beaubouef on drums.
Coming together in 2009 after having previously played, toured in bands such as Stereomud and Stuck Mojo, the members of the band form a cohesive and dynamic unit that mixes an aggressive, heavy-Rock sound with a less dark and more approachable lyrical style.

In the fall of 2009 Dangerous New Machine released its first EP, an eponymous 3-song set that features two Active Rock radio minor hits: "Burn" and "Skeletons".
All these tracks subsequently appeared on their debut full-length album, "Set The World On Fire", which dropped May 2010.


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Set The World On Fire (2010)

Set The World On Fire
1. Shut Up
2. Burn
3. Bullet Proof Hero
4. Let's Talk About Sex
5. Feel Alive Again
6. My Sins
7. I Wish
8. Life Gets In The Way
9. What's Your Name
10. Skeletons
11. Better Days
12. Push It
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