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Day Of Fire

Day Of Fire bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Day Of Fire photo 2006
from left: Gregg Hionis, Chris Pangallo, Joe Pangallo, Zach Simms & Josh Brown

Day Of Fire Biography

The Alternative-Rock act Day Of Fire got its start in 2002 when vocalist Josh Brown, ex-frontman of Full Devil Jacket, returned to the music scene. Brown has gone into rehab after severe bouts with drug abuse; he began writing songs again with guitarist + songwriter Gregg Hionis and the pair began playing in their hometown of Jackson, Tennessee USA, enlisting the help of guitarist Phil X, Chris Chaney, bass player from Jane's Addiction and drummer Gary Novak.

The band's self-titled debut album was finally released in late 2004 on Essential Records; the 11-track set broke into the top 30 of the U.S. Christian Albums chart and the single "Fade Away" reached the #27 position on The Mainstream Rock Tracks.

Following the recruitment of guitarist Joe Pangallo, his brother Chris Pangallo on bass and drummer Zach Simms, Brown and Hionis recorded and released Day Of Fire's sophomore effort, "Cut & Move", in mid-2006; they supported the record on the road with bands like Pillar and Decyfer Down and the CD eventually peaked at #14 on the Top Christian chart.

The two albums sold more than 150,000 copies combined and a few short years later the band inked a new deal with Razor & Tie, who released "Losing All" in January 2010. Featuring the single "Lately", the record climbed into the top 40 of the U.S. Christian Albums chart.


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Day Of Fire pictures:

  • Day Of Fire band 2004 Day Of Fire band 2004
    Group shot 2004

Day Of Fire (2004)

Day Of Fire
1. Through The Fire
2. Detainer
3. Cornerstone
4. Time
5. Fade Away
6. I Am The Door
7. Rain Song
8. Adrianné
9. Jacob's Dream
10. Reap And Sow
11. To Fly

Cut & Move (2006)

Cut & Move
1. Love
2. Run
3. Hole In My Hand
4. Cut And Move
5. Regret
6. Far And Gone
7. Wake Me
8. When The Light
9. Frustrating
10. Reborn

Losing All (2010)

Losing All
1. Light 'Em Up
2. Hello Heartache
3. When I See You
4. Airplane
5. Lately
6. Cold Addiction
7. Landslide
8. Never Goodbye
9. Hey You
10. We Are No One
11. Long Highway
12. Strange
13. The Dark Hills
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