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Days Of The New

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Days Of The New

Days Of The New photo 2001

Days Of The New Biography

Travis Meeks founded this Alternative-Rock band in Louisville, Kentucky USA, in the second half of the '90s. At the age of seventeen, the lead singer+guitarist & songwriter, hooked-up with guitarist Todd Whitener, bassist Jesse Vest and drummer Matt Taul, solidifying the line-up.

Days Of The New's eponymous (orange album) has cracked The Billboard Top 200 chart in 1997 and by the time went on to sell over 1.5 million copies worldwide, it generated a couple of singles, "Touch, Peel And Stand" and "The Downtown", that stormed Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart on which both the tracks peaked at #1 and "Shelf In The Room" hit the top 3.
The next year the band spent the summer on tour with Metallica, but by the end of the year Meeks fired everyone in the band; Vest, Whitener and Taul went on to form Tantric.
Meeks released the second album, again self-titled (green), in 1999, which featured two Mainstream Rock charting singles: the #2 "Enemy" and the top 10 hit "Weapon And The Wound".
He began to work on the next album in early 2000 with drummer Ray Rizzo, Mike Huettig on bass joined later, by June of the following year Days Of The New's third release (red album) was completed, the album spawned only one Active Rock top 20 hit, "Hang On To This"; the band with the addition of guitarist Chuck Mingis completed the live line-up.


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Days Of The New (orange album) (1997)

Days Of The New (orange album)
1. Shelf In The Room
2. Touch, Peel And Stand
3. Face Of The Earth
4. Solitude
5. The Downtown
6. What's Left For Me?
7. Freak
8. Now
9. Whimsical
10. Where I Stand
11. How Do You Know You?
12. Cling

Days Of The New (green album) (1999)

Days Of The New (green album)
1. Flight Response
2. The Real
3. Enemy
4. Weapon And The Wound
5. Skeleton Key
6. Take Me Back Then
7. Bring Yourself
8. I Think
9. Longfellow
10. untitled
11. Phobics Of Tragedy
12. Not The Same
13. Provider
14. Last One

Days Of The New (red album) (2001)

Days Of The New (red album)
1. Hang On To This
2. Fighting With Clay
3. Day In Our Life
4. Die Born
5. Best Of Life
6. Dirty Road
7. Where Are You?
8. Never Drown
9. Words
10. Once Again
11. Giving In
12. Dancing With The Wind
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