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The Dead 60s

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The Dead 60s band

The Dead 60s photo 2005

The Dead 60s Biography

Hailing from Liverpool, ENGLAND, the Ska-Punk quartet The Dead 60s consisted of members vocalist + guitarist Matt McManamon, guitarist + organist Ben Gordon, bassist Charlie Turner and drummer Bryan Johnson; the group first formed in early 2003 and began playing regular gigs in local clubs.

They released their first single, "You're Not The Law", in May 2004, this was followed by a second single entitled "The Last Resort"; somewhere in between touring with The Thrills, Morrissey and Kasabian, the group found time to record the band's self-titled debut full-length album.

"The Dead 60s" was released in May 2005, the set featured all the singles released to date including the U.K. top 40 hits "Riot Radio" and "Loaded Gun".

In December of that same year, the quartet scored another hit with the newly recorded single "Ghostfaced Killer".

The Dead 60s released a second album, "Time To Take Sides", in mid-2007 before calling it quits.


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The Dead 60s pictures:

  • The Dead 60s band 2004 The Dead 60s band 2004
    Group shot 2004

The Dead 60s (2005)

The Dead 60s self-titled album
1. Riot Radio
2. A Different Ace
3. Nowhere
4. Red Light
5. Just Another Love Song
6. Control This
7. Loaded Gun
8. Nationwide
9. We Get Low
10. Horizontal
11. New Town Disaster
12. The Last Resort
13. You're Not The Law

Ghostfaced Killer [CD single] (2005)

Ghostfaced Killer - CD single
1. Ghostfaced Killer
2. Riot Radio [live]
3. You're Not The Law [live]
4. Ghostfaced Killer [CNS Horrocore remix]
5. Ghostfaced Killer [video]

Time To Take Sides (2007)

Time To Take Sides
1. Bolt Of Steel
2. Beat Generation
3. Stand Up
4. Start A War
5. Dull Towns
6. Last Train Home
7. All Over By Midnight
8. Liar
9. Don't Walk Away
10. Desert Sun
11. Seven Empty Days
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