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Dead By Sunrise

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Dead By Sunrise band

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Dead By Sunrise Biography

This Alternative-Rock, Electro-Rock project began as a Linkin Park's Chester Bennington solo album in 2005 while his band was on hiatus.
After a short break, Linkin Park went into the studio to record the chart-topping "Minutes To Midnight", putting Dead By Sunrise on hiatus for three years; in fact the multi-platinum band spent 18 months of recording and 18 months of touring.

Dead By Sunrise's debut "Out Of Ashes", has been four years in the making on and off, a lengthy journey that has left room for plenty of twists and turns, the first of which came in the morphing from a solo album into a band. The three principal figures in the initial line-up were Bennington on vocals and two former members of the California Industrial alt-Rock band Orgy: Ryan Shuck on guitars and Amir Derakh on guitar + synthesizers; but the group eventually expanded to include keyboardist Fu Valcic, bassist Brandon Belsky and drummer Elias Andra.
"Out Of Ashes" finally arrived in October 2009 peaking at #29 on The Billboard 200, the album was premiered by the single "Crawl Back In" which hit #22 on The Rock Songs chart and #23 on The Hot Modern Rock Tracks. The disc included one more Active Rock top 40 charting single, "Inside Of Me" and a minor hit, "Let Down".


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Out Of Ashes (2009)

Out Of Ashes
1. Fire
2. Crawl Back In
3. Too Late
4. Inside Of Me
5. Let Down
6. Give Me Your Name
7. My Suffering
8. Condemned
9. Into You
10. End Of The World
11. Walking In Circles
12. In The Darkness
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