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Dead Confederate

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Dead Confederate

Dead Confederate photo 2008

Dead Confederate Biography

Dead Confederate began in 2004 as the jam-centric Augusta, Georgia USA, act Redbelly, which became The Redbelly Band. Two years later, the band changed its name and sound, switching from open-ended arrangements to a darker, more concise style of songwriting. The band consisted of vocalist + guitarist Hardy Morris, guitarist Walker Howle, keyboardist John Watkins, bassist + principal songwriter Brantley Senn and drummer Jason Scarboro.

Dead Confederate mined a mix of haunting Southern-Rock and angst-driven Grunge on "Wrecking Ball", the band's debut album, which was issued in September 2008 through the New York-based Razor & Tie Entertainment. The disc included the Hot Modern Rock top 40 hit single "The Rat".

Coming off of the success of this song as well as a network television debut under their belt, the quintet returned with "Sugar". With countless tours across the world with the likes of Dinosaur Jr., The Whigs, Manchester Orchestra, Meat Puppets and more, the band issued their second album, which contained the single "Giving It All Away", in August 2010.

Latest News:

Dead Confederate prepares to unleash its third LP, "In The Marrow", it is expected to hit stores on April 16, 2013.


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Wrecking Ball (2008)

Wrecking Ball
1. Heavy Petting
2. The Rat
3. Goner
4. It Was A Rose
5. Yer Circus
6. All The Angels
7. Start Me Laughing
8. The News Underneath
9. Flesh Colored Canvas
10. Wrecking Ball

Sugar (2010)

1. In The Dark
2. Run From The Gun
3. Father Figure
4. Quiet Kid
5. By Design
6. Mob Scene
7. Semi-Thought
8. Giving It All Away
9. Sugar
10. Shocked To Realize

In The Marrow (2013)

Cover-Art posted on deadconfederate.com
In The Marrow
Tracklisting posted on deadconfederate.com

1. Slow Poisons
2. Vacations
3. Bleed-Through
4. In The Marrow
5. Best Of The Worst
6. Dead Poetry
7. Big City Life
8. Winter Waters
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