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dEAf PEdESTRIANS bio, timeline, discography, pics & more


Deaf Pedestrians photo 2007
clockwise from bottom left: C.S. Parker, Jake Crawford, Russ Dignam & Garrin Walker

dEAf PEdESTRIANS Biography

The Alternative-Rock outfit dEAf PEdESTRIANS was formed in Dallas, Texas USA, in 2001, by vocalist Charlton Stanbrooke 'Chuck' Parker, guitarists Jason Hall and Garrin Walker, bass player Eric Hartis and drummer Russ Dignam.

The quintet recorded an indie EP titled "Girl" and later, in September 2005, their self-titled debut full-length disc, it included two singles, "15 Beers Ago" and "Splatter".

After a few changes in the line-up, Jason Hall left to be replaced by guitarist Jake Crawford and Eric Hartis also exited the group which continued as a four-piece; Parker pulled double-duty as lead vocalist + bass player and in early 2008 dEAf PEdESTRIANS put out its second album, "...And Other Distractions", which contained the single "Hail To The Geek".

The band's third outing, "We're All Gonna Die", arrived in mid-2009.



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dEAf PEdESTRIANS pictures:

  • dEAf PEdESTRIANS band lineup 2005 dEAf PEdESTRIANS band lineup 2005
    The band line-up 2005

Deaf Pedestrians (2005)

Deaf Pedestrians self-titled album
1. Listen Up
2. Splatter
3. 15 Beers Ago
4. Super Nice Guy
5. Jerry Girl
6. Vampire Girl
7. Walk Out On Me
8. Empty
9. Dirty
10. Bar Of Dope
11. Pauper
12. Yuppie Scum Mantra
13. We The Sheeple

...And Other Distractions (2008)

...And Other Distractions
1. Seatbelt
2. 15 Beers Ago
3. Hail To The Geek
4. Vampire Girl
5. Listen Up
6. Splatter
7. Idiot
8. Walk Out On Me
9. Super Nice Guy
10. S.O.S.
11. We The Sheeple

We're All Gonna Die (2009)

We're All Gonna Die
1. Tick
2. I Hate This Place
3. Ode To It
4. Mrs. Mantis
5. Flight Of The Boomer Lemmings
6. Dharma Moraine's Automatic Armor
7. $wing
8. Doomed To You
9. I Wanna Believe In Love
10. Lament Of The Goat
11. Eyes On You
12. We're All Gonna Die
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