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Devo Biography

This New Wave Synth-Pop band was formed during 1972 in Akron, Ohio USA, by Mothersbaugh brothers, lead guitarist Bob and vocalist+keyboardists Mark, two other brothers bassist Gerald and guitarist Bob Casale plus drummer Alan Myers.

The quintet's debut album, the live-set "Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!", was released in 1978, but the band reached a mass audience in 1980, helped by the video of "Whip It", it broke the top 20 of the U.S. Pop Singles chart and put "Freedom Of Choice", their third LP, at #22 on Pop Albums chart.
"New Traditionalists" was issued the next year, it reached the #23 in the U.S. Pop Albums chart spawning the minor hit "Working In The Coal Mine" which was originally included on a bonus single.
The group went on to release three albums in the rest of the '80s which was received with indifference from critics.
In 1986 Myers departed and David Kendrick replaced him on drums; in the early '90s, Devo, re-emergeded with an album which included "Post Post-Modern Man", their best succeccs on Modern Rock Tracks chart, in fact the single peaked at #7.
After their seventh studio-album, the band got back together sporadically for live shows.

More than three decades after the release of its visionary debut live album and a full twenty years since its last studio record, Devo issued the aptly titled "Something For Everybody" in June 2010 reaching #30 on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart.


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