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Dexter Freebish

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Dexter Freebish

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Dexter Freebish Biography

Alternative-Rock band based in Austin, Texas USA, originally comprised of lead singer Kyle, guitarists Scott Romig and Charles Martin, bass player Chris Lowe and drummer Rob Schilz.

The quintet, after being signed to Capitol Records in March 1999, with the single "Leaving Town" won Song Of The Year in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, sponsored by EMI Music Publishing, Maxell and Yamaha.
The single received a lot of airplay on several alt-Rock stations, consequently it broke The Modern Rock chart peaking at #25. The next year saw the release of their first full-length disc, "A Life Of Saturdays", which included another single, the Adult Top 40 hit "My Madonna".

The group's second effort, "Tripped Into Divine", arrived in early 2004; the set included the single "Prozak (Be Like Me)".

In October 2010 Dexter Freebish resurfaced with a new album entitled "Shine On".


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A Life Of Saturdays (2000)

A Life Of Saturdays
1. Leaving Town
2. My Madonna
3. Higher
4. What Do You See?
5. Spotlight
6. Tomorrow
7. Deeper
8. Falling Down
9. Life Of Saturdays
10. Wonderland
11. Bring Me Water

Tripped Into Divine (2004)

Tripped Into Divine
1. Prozak (Be Like Me)
2. Pretty People
3. Ghosts (Voices In My Head)
4. How Do I Get Through To You
5. Heavy
6. Save Me
7. What I Need
8. Wild Things
9. Breathe
10. No One Knows
11. Twilight
12. Breakdown

Shine On (2010)

Shine On
1. Wide Awake
2. Save The Last Dance
3. Everybody Knows Somebody
4. Do You Want To
5. Made Some Friends Along The Way
6. When The Sun Shines
7. Shine On
8. The Need Machine
9. Beautiful Girl
10. Falling Off The Edge
11. Come Down
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