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Diffuser band

Diffuser band photo 2008

Diffuser Biography

The Alternative-Rock band Diffuser started out in 1994 in Long Island, New York USA, performing and recording under the moniker Flu Thirteen with Tomas Costanza on vocals + guitar, Anthony Cangelosi on guitar, Lawrence Sullivan on bass and Billy Alemaghides on drums.

In 2000, the band released a teaser of one new song entitled "Karma", which appeared on the "Mission Impossible II" soundtrack. With a bigger, more structured, melodic sound, "Karma" made the top 30 on Billboard's Modern Rock chart and hit #20 on The Mainstream Rock Tracks. But fans would have to wait patiently over a year for Diffuser's full-length major label debut. Released in January 2001 on Hollywood Records, "Injury Loves Melody" was supported for approximately 18 months with live appearances with such acts as Toadies, SR-71 and Simple Plan.

Taking some much needed rest in 2002, Diffuser began writing again and was ready for a new sonic challenge, more melodies and Pop elements thrown into the mix. Ten months and sixty songs later, Costanza and Cangelosi had a box set of new tracks to pick from as well as some additional changes to their line-up, Pete Schojan on bass and Dan Leo behind the drum set. Midway through 2003, the quartet issued its second album, "Making The Grade" and the accompanying single/video "Get It On". In support of the album, the band toured nationwide with additional dates overseas first opening for Hoobastank and The All-American Rejects. Poor sales saw them dropped by their label, Hollywood Records and in 2004 the members of Diffuser decided to call it a day.

Based on overwhelming support and interest from a small but loyal following, Costanza, Cangelosi, Schojan, Leo along with additional guitarist Keith Hille, reunited in the fall of 2007 to record songs for a new Diffuser album. Entitled "Sincerely, Wasting Away", it was released on Chamberlain Records in August 2008.


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Diffuser pictures:

  • Diffuser band lineup 2003 Diffuser band lineup 2003
    The band line-up 2003

Injury Loves Melody (2001)

Injury Loves Melody
1. I Am
2. Tidal
3. Karma
4. Tell Her This
5. Wide Eyes (Photograph So Well)
6. Losers Of The Year
7. Leaving With A California Tilt
8. The Way That I Feel
9. Last Time I Saw Memphis
10. 35
11. I Don't Have The Nerve

Making The Grade (2003)

Making The Grade
1. New High
2. Get It On
3. Only In The Movies
4. Why
5. I Wonder
6. Far And In Between
7. Breakaway
8. Here's To You
9. She's All Mine
10. Long Way From Home
11. Nothing Left To Say
12. Avoid The Friction

Sincerely, Wasting Away (2008)

Sincerely, Wasting Away
1. This Is Perfection
2. Free
3. 1-2-3-4 Dracula!
4. Caught In A Dull Moment
5. All Is Said And Done
6. Falling Down
7. Lift
8. In My Life Again
9. Redefined
10. Shallow
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