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Dishwalla band 2002

Dishwalla band photo 2002

Dishwalla Biography

Comprising singer+guitarist J.R. Richards, guitarist Rodney Browning, bassist Scot Alexander, keyboardist Jim Wood and drummer George Pendergast, the Alternative-Rock band Dish formed in Santa Barbara, California USA in 1991; when they discovered that another band already held the rights to the name Dish were forced to extend their name to Dishwalla.

After touring with Better Than Ezra, the band was picked up by A&M Records that released their debut album, "Pet Your Friends", in August 1995; nearly a year later the lead single "Counting Blue Cars" rose to the top spot of The Modern Rock Tracks and hit #15 on The Billboard Hot 100, a second single cut, "Charlie Brown's Parents", cracked the top 30 of The Mainstream Rock chart and pushing the album into the top 100 of The Billboard 200 chart; Dishwalla supported it on the road for over a year touring with the likes of Sheryl Crow, The Goo Goo Dolls and Blind Melon, "Pet Your Friends" eventually went platinum.
The follow-up, "And You Think You Know What Life's About", was released in mid-summer of 1998, but their second and final album for A&M didn't rise higher than #164 on The Billboard Top 200 list spawning only one Modern Rock top 20 hit, "Once In A While".
Over three and a half years later the band returned with its third full-length disc "Opaline" recorded after drummer Pete Maloney was pulled in to replace Pendergast; the set was released by the indie label Immergent in April of 2002 and scraped the bottom of The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart; it generated "Somewhere In The Middle" which received airplay on Adult-Contemporary stations.

In May 2005 Dishwalla issued its fourth album on Orphanage Entertainment Group; the eponymous CD included the single "Collide".


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Pet Your Friends (1995)

Pet Your Friends
1. Pretty Babies
2. Haze
3. Counting Blue Cars
4. Explode
5. Charlie Brown's Parents
6. Give
7. Miss Emma Peel
8. Moisture
9. The Feeder
10. All She Can See
11. Only For So Long
12. [hidden track]

And You Think You Know What Life's About (1998)

And You Think You Know What Life's About
1. Stay Awake
2. Once In A While
3. Bottom Of The Floor
4. Healing Star
5. Until I Wake Up
6. 5 Star Day
7. Truth Serum
8. So Blind
9. Gone Upside Down
10. So Much Time
11. The Bridge Song
12. Pop Guru

Opaline (2002)

1. Opaline
2. Angels Or Devils
3. Somewhere In The Middle
4. Every Little Thing
5. When Morning Comes
6. Home
7. Today, Tonight
8. Mad Life
9. Candleburn
10. Nashville Skyline
11. Drawn Out

Dishwalla (2005)

Dishwalla self-titled album
1. 40 Stories
2. Collide
3. Ease The Moment
4. Coral Sky
5. Winter Sun
6. Creeps In The Stone
7. Surrender The Crown
8. Bleeding Out
9. Life For Sale
10. Above The Wreckage
11. Far Away
12. Collide [Massy mix]
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