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The Dissociatives

The Dissociatives bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

The Dissociatives

The Dissociatives band photo 2004

The Dissociatives Biography

This Australian Alternative-Rock act was conceived by singer+guitarist Daniel Johns and keyboardist+synth programmer Paul Mac.

The pair first met when Mac remixed "Freak" by Johns' multi-platinum band, Silverchair, in 1997. Over the years that followed, Mac contributed keyboards and other noises to Silverchair's "Neon Ballroom"and "Diorama" albums; he also guested onstage with the band a couple of times.
Through these creative experiences the guys became friends, this led them to create an experimental EP called "I Can't Believe It's Not Rock" in 2000.
In mid-2003 the two got together to write and record "The Dissociatives"; they elected to produce the disc themselves; all the music was written jointly with Johns subsequently penning the words and melodies. They recorded the basic tracks in London then a few months later they regrouped in Sydney and Newcastle to finish it off; the duo's self-titled debut album was fianally released in April of 2004, it included two singles, "Somewhere Down The Barrel" and "Young Man, Old Man (You Ain't Better Than The Rest)".


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The Dissociatives pictures:

  • The Dissociatives' Paul Mac and Daniel Johns The Dissociatives' Paul Mac and Daniel Johns
    Paul Mac and Daniel Johns

The Dissociatives (2004)

The Dissociatives self-titled album
1. We're Much Preferred Customer
2. Somewhere Down The Barrel
3. Horror With Eyeballs
4. Lifting The Veil From The Braille
5. Forever And A Day
6. Thinking In Reverse
7. Paris Circa 2007/8
8. Young Man, Old Man (You Ain't Better Than The Rest)
9. Aaängry Megaphone Man
10. Sleep Well Tonight
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