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Dog's Eye View

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Dog's Eye View's Peter Stuart

Dog's Eye View photo:
Peter Stuart on stage - 2004

Dog's Eye View Biography

Dog's Eye View was conceived as a studio project for singer+guitarist Peter Stuart, who began performing in Chicago, Illinois USA with a band called Monster; Stuart eventually served as a roadie for Counting Crows and also scored high-profile opening slots with Tori Amos and Cracker.

In 1995 he teamed-up with some fellow musicians and signed a deal with Columbia Records releasing the Dog's Eye View's debut album, "Happy Nowhere", later that year; driven, in part, by the multi-format radio success of "Everything Falls Apart", the album hit #1 spot on Billboard's Top Heatseekers chart and broke into The Billboard 200 peaking at #77, the main single reached the #66 on The Billboard Hot 100, cracked the top 20 of both Modern and Mainstream Rock Tracks charts and hit the top 10 of the Billboard's Top 40 Mainstream list.
The group's sophomore effort, "Daisy", was released in August 1997 to little attention.
Stuart resurfaced five years later with his solo album, "Propeller", but failed to break back into the mainstream.

Dog's Eye View returned in 2005 with the single "Gone Like Yesterday", the lead track from the outfit's third album: "Tomorrow Always Comes".


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Dog's Eye View pictures:

  • Dog's Eye View band lineup mid 90s Dog's Eye View band lineup mid 90s
    The band line-up 1995

Happy Nowhere (1995)

Happy Nowhere
1. I Wish I Was Here
2. Everything Falls Apart
3. Small Wonders
4. The Prince's Favorite Son
5. Cottonmouth
6. Haywire
7. Would You Be Willing
8. Speed Of Silence
9. Waterline
10. What I Know Now
11. Subject To Change
12. Bulletproof And Bleeding
13. Shine

Daisy (1997)

1. The Trouble With Love
2. Homecoming Parade
3. What Do You Do?
4. Last Letter Home
5. Falling In Place
6. Let It Lie
7. Goodbye To Grace
8. Vows
9. Hollywood
10. Did You Get Hurt?
11. The Shallows
12. Umbrella

Tomorrow Always Comes (2005)

Tomorrow Always Comes
1. 7 Wonders
2. Gone Like Yesterday
3. No Regrets
4. Down
5. Be Here Now
6. K.I.S.S.
7. Answers
8. Stars Are Falling
9. Strange ( Just The Way You Are)
10. In Reverse ( Terrified)
11. Weightless
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