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Donita Sparks

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Donita Sparks

Donita Sparks photo 2007

Donita Sparks Biography

Donita Sparks, born on April 8, 1963 in Chicago, Illinois USA, is best known internationally as the front person + guitarist & main songwriter of seminal Rock all-female outfit L7; she co-founded the band in 1985. L7 released six studio albums, one live CD and one greatest hits record. With their recording career beginning in 1987 and continuing through the '90s, the band spawned underground and mainstream hits such as "Shove", "Pretend We're Dead", "Shitlist" and "Andres".

In fall 2007, Donita Sparks, joined by backing band The Stellar Moments, which featured guitarist Alan 'The Italian' Santalessa, bassist Dat T. Ngo and L7 drummer Demetra 'Dee' Plakas, embarked on her first tour as a solo artist in support of her solo debut, "Transmiticate"; the disc was released on her own label SparksFly Records in February 2008.


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Donita Sparks pictures:

  • Donita Sparks late 90s Donita Sparks late 90s
    Donita Sparks in late '90s

¬ credited: Donita Sparks + The Stellar Moments

Transmiticate (2008)

1. Fly Feather Fly
2. Dare Dare
3. Infancy Of A Disaster
4. Headcheck
5. My Skin's Too Thin
6. Curtains For Cathy
7. Creampuff
8. He's Got The Honey
9. Need To Numb
10. Take A Few Steps
11. Into The Hi Fi
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