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The Dresden Dolls

The Dresden Dolls bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

The Dresden Dolls

The Dresden Dolls photo 2007

The Dresden Dolls Biography

This eclectic duo formed in mid-2000, comprising vocalist + pianist Amanda Palmer and percussionist Brian Viglione. The two began performing together around Boston, Massachusetts USA, combining eroticism of Weimar-era German cabaret with modern and Alternative-Rock.

Eventually they moved to New York City where their awe-striking live energy and singular look has earned them opening slots for artists such as Beck, The B-52's and Jane's Addiction.
During 2003, The Dresden Dolls, independently released its first live-EP, "A Is For Accident".
In April 2004, the duo issued their self-titled debut studio album, on Roadrunner Records, it included the single "Coin-Operated Boy".

They followed it up with a new album entitled "Yes, Virginia...", the artwork for the duo's sophomore CD was culled from over 600 submissions from fans, painters and designers from around the globe. Preceded by the minor hit single "Sing", it peaked at #42 on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart, upon its April 2006 release. The band toured the world for almost two straight years, even as support act for artists ranging from Nine Inch Nails, Cyndi Lauper to Panic! At The Disco, in support of the album.

With over 240,000 records sold, The Dresden Dolls returned with "No, Virginia...", their third album for Roadrunner Records, which was a collection of songs that were recorded during the "Yes, Virginia..." sessions plus new songs recorded during the winter of 2008. The disc arrived in stores in May 2008 and reached the #94 position on The Billboard 200.

Later in the year Amanda Palmer launched her solo career by releasing "Who Killed Amanda Palmer".


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The Dresden Dolls pictures:

  • The Dresden Dolls 2004 The Dresden Dolls 2004
    Brian Viglione and Amanda Palmer, 2004

The Dresden Dolls (2004)

The Dresden Dolls self-titled album
1. Good Day
2. Girl Anachronism
3. Missed Me
4. Half Jack
5. 672
6. Coin-Operated Boy
7. Gravity
8. Bad Habit
9. The Perfect Fit
10. The Jeep Song
11. Slide
12. Truce

Yes, Virginia... (2006)

Yes, Virginia...
1. Sex Changes
2. Backstabber
3. Modern Moonlight
4. My Alcoholic Friends
5. Delilah
6. Dirty Business
7. First Orgasm
8. Mrs. O
9. Shores Of California
10. Necessary Evil
11. Mandy Goes To Med School
12. Me And The Minibar
13. Sing

No, Virginia... (2008)

No, Virginia...
1. Dear Jenny
2. Night Reconnaissance
3. Mouseandthemodel
4. Ultima Esperanza
5. Gardener
6. Lonesome Organist Rapes Page Turner
7. Sorry Bunch
8. Pretty In Pink
9. The Kill
10. The Sheep Song
11. Boston
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