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Drowning Pool

Drowning Pool bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Drowning Pool

Drowning Pool photo 2012

Drowning Pool Biography

Drowning Pool started out as three-piece Alternative-Metal band in the late '90s. Guitarist Christian Joseph Pierce, bassist Stevie Benton and drummer Mike Luce began rehearsing and playing live around their hometown of Dallas, Texas USA; they eventually added vocalist Dave Williams to complete the line-up.

At that point they recorded a demo which caught the attention of Wind-up Records who signed the band and in June 2001 released their powerful debut full-length disc, "Sinner"; with its first single, "Bodies", the album made an impressive impact amidst a sea of releases from other NuMetal acts, the track peaked at #6 on The Mainstream Rock chart and at #12 on The Modern Rock Tracks while the CD crashed into the top 20 of The Billboard 200.
In August of 2002 lead singer Dave Williams was found dead in the band's tour bus, the coroner's toxicology report has officially confirmed that Williams' death was due to natural causes and was not drug or alcohol related, as had been widely speculated.

The remaining members decided to continue and recorded a new song, featuring guest vocalist Rob Zombie, for the soundtrack album to the Fox Motion Picture "Daredevil".

In late 2003 Jason 'Gong' Jones had joined Drowning Pool as new lead singer. The next year the band released a new single entitled "Step Up" which was initially included on the soundtrack "The Punisher: The Album" a compilation of modern Metal tracks from various artists, the single hit #7 on Active Rock chart and helped send the band's second album, "Desensitized", to #17 on The Billboard Top 200 chart upon its April 2004 release; the 11-song set contained two more Mainstream Rock top 30 hits: "Love And War" and "Killin' Me".
The following year 'Gong' Jones left the fold and subsequently formed a new band, AM Conspiracy. The three remaining members then recruited former SOiL frontman Ryan McCombs who made his live debut in Dallas with the band at Ozzfest in August of 2005.

Two years later Drowning Pool released their third album and first for Eleven Seven Music, "Full Circle"; it contained two Hot Mainstream Rock top 20 hits "Soldiers" and "Enemy" plus "37 Stitches" the group's highest placing single which soared to the #5 spot on The Hot Mainstream Rock list. The album enjoyed a long chart run on The Billboard 200 reaching #64 and producing the fourth Active Rock radio hit, "Shame", in 2009.

The Texas heavy-Rock act's next offering arrived in April 2010, an eponymous album which peaked at #35 on The Billboard 200 producing two Active Rock top 10 hits: "Feel Like I Do" and "Turn So Cold". In fall 2011 Ryan McCombs quit to rejoin his former group SOiL.

Latest News:

In an exclusive interview in the September 2012 issue of Guitar World magazine, Drowning Pool announced that fellow Texan Jasen Moreno is their new lead singer. The band's fifth album, "Resilience" and their first with Moreno drops in April 2013; the disc includes two Active Rock top 40 singles: "Saturday Night" and "One Finger And A Fist".


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Drowning Pool pictures:

  • Drowning Pool band lineup 2001 Drowning Pool band lineup 2001
    The band line-up 2001, 3rd from the left is Dave Williams
  • Drowning Pool band lineup 2004 Drowning Pool band lineup 2004
    Drowning Pool 2004 --with Jason 'Gong' Jones--
  • Drowning Pool band lineup 2007 Drowning Pool band lineup 2007
    Drowning Pool 2007 --with Ryan McCombs--