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Dust For Life

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Dust For Life

Dust For Life photo 2004

Dust For Life Biography

The Alternative-Metal troop Dust For Life was formed in 1999 in Memphis, Tennessee USA, by Jason Hughes, Marc Gurley, Tim Fowler, Todd Scott and Gerard Jones.

Shortly afterwards the quintet released its self-titled debut album on Reach Out Records to little attention.
Around this time, the band came across line-up problems; Dust For Life was re-founded by lead guitarist Jason Hughes who recruited singer + guitarist Chris Gavin, bassist Josh Weil and drummer Rick Shelton.

In late 2000 the group released a new CD, again self-titled, on the famed New York City-based label Wind-up Records, the album featured a number of excellent songs such as "Dust Into Dust", "Dragonfly", "Shadow Pool", "Where The Freaks Go". A national tour with Creed, 3 Doors Down, Nickelback and Cold followed and their eponymous album eventually managed to crack The Billboard Top Heatseekers chart reaching #26; the lead single, "Step Into The Light", received strong airplay on alt-Rock stations and peaked at #16 on The Mainstream Rock Tracks; the second single cut, "Seed", hit the top 40 on the same chart.

The band re-emerged after a two-and-a-half years hiatus and in July 2003 Hughes and Gavin headed back into the studio with Mike McSorley on bass, who replaced Weil and Steve McClenaghan on drums who stepped in after the departure of Shelton. "Degrees Of Black" was finally completed early the next year but the record missed the chart entirely.

Dust For Life released a new self-financed album entitled "The Consequence Of Vanishing" in 2008.


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Dust For Life pictures:

  • Dust For Life band lineup 2000 Dust For Life band lineup 2000
    The band line-up 2000

Dust For Life (1999)

Dust For Life self-titled album 1999
1. Malady
2. Seed
3. Empyrean
4. Chrome
5. Burn
6. The Raging Sea
7. Black Light
8. Poison
9. Vortex

Dust For Life (2000)

Dust For Life self-titled album 2000
1. Dust Into Dust
2. Step Into The Light
3. Seed
4. Lifelike
5. Dragonfly
6. Poison
7. I Don't Mind
8. Bitten
9. Shadow Pool
10. Where The Freaks Go
11. The End

Degrees Of Black (2004)

Degrees Of Black
1. Degrees Of Black
2. Comdown
3. Fault Line
4. Nightbreed
5. Cycle Of Frustration
6. Antenora
7. For You
8. It Ain't Right

The Consequence Of Vanishing (2008)

The Consequence Of Vanishing
1. intro
2. Dark Things Betray
3. The Ride
4. Gold Dust
5. Slave
6. Black Sunrise
7. Release The Flood
8. Crawling Back
9. Falling Stars
10. Fading Light
11. My Descent
12. Better Than You Know
13. Bleedout
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