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Eagles Of Death Metal

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Eagles Of Death Metal

Eagles Of Death Metal photo 2008

Eagles Of Death Metal Biography

The Alternative-Rock act Eagles Of Death Metal started out in 1998 as a crotch Rock side-project for Palm Desert, California USA-based singer + guitarist Josh Homme, perhaps better known as frontman of Queens Of The Stone Age and Jesse 'The Devil' Hughes on guitar + drums & vocals.

After recruiting guitarist Timmy VanHamel, the band kicked off their first tour in late 2003 playing dates with Placebo. A few months later, in March 2004 to be exact, "Peace Love Death Metal" came out on AntAcidAudio/Rekords Rekords; their debut full-length disc reached the #34 position on the Billboard's Top Independent Albums chart.

In the fall of 2005 Homme and Hughes were joined in the studio by the hilarious Jack Black from Tenacious D, The Distillers frontwoman and wife of Homme Brody Dalle, Mark Lanegan formerly Screaming Trees' guitarist, ex-Hole Samantha Maloney and Joey Castillo on drums to record Eagles Of Death Metal's sophomore CD, the diabolical "Death By Sexy"; it was released in April 2006 through Downtown Records and eventually reached #113 on The Billboard 200 also making a remarkable #11 on the U.S. Independent Albums chart. Despite critical acclaim, the lead single, "I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)", failed to breach the Modern Rock Top 40.

In late October 2008 Eagles Of Death Metal released "Heart On", it peaked at #57 on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 and ascended into the top 3 of the country's Independent Albums chart, while the first single, "Wannabe In L.A.", hit the top 40 of The Hot Modern Rock Tracks.


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Eagles Of Death Metal pictures:

  • Eagles Of Death Metal's Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes 2006 Eagles Of Death Metal's Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes 2006
    Josh Homme and Jesse Hughes (2006)

Peace Love Death Metal (2004)

Peace Love Death Metal
1. I Only Want You
2. Speaking In Tongues
3. So Easy
4. Flames Go Higher
5. Bad Dream Mama
6. English Girl
7. Stacks O' Money
8. Midnight Creeper
9. Stuck In The Metal
10. Already Died
11. Kiss The Devil
12. Whorehoppin' (Shit, Goddamn)
13. San Berdoo Sunburn
14. Wastin' My Time
15. Miss Alissa

Death By Sexy (2006)

Death By Sexy
1. I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News)
2. I Gotta Feeling (Just Nineteen)
3. Cherry Cola
4. I Like To Move In The Night
5. Solid Gold
6. Don't Speak (I Came To Make A Bang)
7. Keep Your Head Up
8. The Ballad Of Queen Bee And Baby Duck
9. Poor Doggie
10. Chase The Devil
11. Eagles Goth
12. Shasta Beast
13. Bag O'Miracles

Heart On (2008)

Heart On
1. Anything 'Cept The Truth
2. Wannabe In L.A.
3. (I Used To Couldn't Dance) Tight Pants
4. High Voltage
5. Secret Plans
6. Now I'm A Fool
7. Heart On
8. Cheap Thrills
9. How Can A Man With So Many Friends Feel So Alone
10. Solo Flights
11. Prissy Prancin'
12. I'm Your Torpedo
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