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Earshot photo 2008
Wil Martin and Travis Arnold

Earshot Biography

Earshot, a Los Angeles, California USA-based Alternative-Metal band that came together in the late '90s, originally consisted of Kansas-native singer + guitarist Wil Martin, guitarist Mike Callahan from Ohio, French guitarist Scott Kohler and drummer Dieter Hartmann from Austria.

In May 2002, the foursome released their debut full-length, "Letting Go"; having expanded the line-up to include bass player Johnny Sprague, Earshot spent much of that year on the road, touring and promoting their Warner Bros. debut album which hit #86 on The Billboard Top 200 chart. After months of sharing stages with the likes of Kid Rock and Stone Temple Pilots, the group had played their songs to thousands of appreciative fans, who recognized two popular radio hits; both of the singles, "Get Away" and "Not Afraid", climbed into The Mainstream Rock chart reaching the #6 and #24 spots, respectively.

Following the departure of Hartmann, Earshot pulled in drummer Chas Stumbo and in June 2004 released "Two"; the band's sophomore album failed to rise above #127 on The Billboard 200, however it yielded a couple of Active Rock hit singles, "Wait" peaked at #13 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart and "Someone" hit the top 30.

Released in August 2008 on InDeGoot Recordings, "The Silver Lining", the third studio effort from the L.A. Metal rockers brought a major change to the band's lineup, by replacing Callahan with new guitarist Travis Arnold, Sprague with bassist Billy Blair and Stumbo with drummer Daren Pfeifer. The album failed to dent the charts but produced the Active Rock radio top 40 hit "MisSunderstood".

One year later Earshot launched a new version of their website, earshotband.com, where the band made available for free download the single "The Ugly Truth".


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Earshot pictures:

  • Earshot band lineup 2002 Earshot band lineup 2002
    The band line-up 2002
  • Earshot band 2004 Earshot band 2004
    Earshot 2004

Letting Go (2002)

Letting Go
1. Headstrong
2. Misery
3. Get Away
4. Not Afraid
5. Ordinary Girl
6. We Fall, We Stand
7. Wake Up
8. This World
9. Asleep, I Lie
10. Unfortunate
11. My Time

Two (2004)

1. Wait
2. Tongue-Tied
3. Fall Apart
4. Someone
5. Rotten Inside
6. Down
7. Nice To Feel The Sun
8. Again
9. Goodbye
10. Should've Been There
11. Control

The Silver Lining (2008)

The Silver Lining
1. Closer
2. Don't Hate Me
3. MisSunderstood
4. Wasted
5. Sometimes
6. I Hate You
7. More Than I Ever Wanted
8. Beside Myself
9. Pushing To Shove
10. Where The Pain Begins
11. Go

The Ugly Truth [digital single] (2009)

The Ugly Truth - single
The Ugly Truth
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