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Econoline Crush Biography

Industrial Alternative-Rock troop Econoline Crush formed in 1992 in Vancouver, CANADA, originally comprised of lead singer Trevor Hurst, guitarists Robbie Morfitt and Hack, bassist Daniel Yaremko and drummer Gregg Leask.

The quintet made its recording debut in 1994 with a 6-track EP entitled "Purge".
Econoline Crush dropped their sophomore outing, "Affliction", one year later for EMI Canada as well as Nettwerk Records in the United States.
The group's second full-length disc, "The Devil You Know", arrived two years later; as the band spent an increasing amount of time on tour in their native Canada, U.S. and Europe, the album greatly enlarged their audiences, "Surefire" hit #18 on the Billboard's Mainstream Rock Tracks, "Home" also entered the top 40 of the Active Rock chart and the final single, "All That You Are", was played on both alternative and album U.S. Rock stations reaching #38 on The Modern Rock chart and the #18 slot on The Mainstream Rock Tracks.
In May 2001, the group recorded in Los Angeles "Brand New History", the 12-song set peaked at #17 on the Top Canadian Albums chart and spawned two mid-sized hits in the Billboard's Mainstream Rock top 30 "Make It Right" and "You Don't Know What It's Like".

After almost seven since their last album, the Trevor Hurst-fronted group reformed with guitarist Dave Hesse, bassist Mark Gomulinski and drummer Jay Benison, for a couple of tours in mid-2007 and recorded enough new material to release an album. "Ignite" was released in January 2008 through the Fontana North-distributed Fatt Farmer label, making this the first time the band have gone the independent route; the lead single, "Dirty", get some airplay on Canadian Rock radio stations.


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Econoline Crush pictures:

  • Econoline Crush original lineup Econoline Crush original lineup
    The original line-up, left to right: Hack, Dan Yaremko, Gregg Leask, Robbie Morfitt and Trevor Hurst
  • Econoline Crush 2001 Econoline Crush 2001
    Econoline Crush 2001

Affliction (1995)

1. Lost
2. Close
3. Nowhere Now
4. Slug
5. Sycophant
6. Affliction
7. Blunt
8. Cruel World
9. Wicked
10. Emotional Stain
11. Blood In The River

The Devil You Know (1997)

The Devil You Know
1. All That You Are
2. Burnt
3. Sparkle And Shine
4. Surefire
5. Razorblades And Bandaides
6. Hollowman
7. The Devil You Know
8. Elegant
9. Haven't Gone Away
10. Deeper
11. Home

Brand New History (2001)

Brand New History
1. Make It Right
2. Flamethrower
3. You Don't Know What It's Like
4. Trash
5. By The Riverside
6. Digging The Heroine
7. Go Off
8. Sinking
9. May I Go
10. My Salvation
11. Here And There
12. Tomorrow Starts Today

Ignite (2008)

1. Could Have Been
2. Dirty
3. Psychotic
4. Get Out Of The Way
5. Hole In My Heart
6. Unbelievable
7. The Love You Feel
8. Heaven's Falling
9. Burn It Down
10. Bleed Through
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