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Ed Kowalczyk

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Ed Kowalczyk

Ed Kowalczyk photo 2010

Ed Kowalczyk Biography

Edward Joel Kowalczyk was born on July 16, 1971 in York, Pennsylvania USA and is widely known as the lead singer, chief songwriter and driving force behind the band Live, an extremely successful Alternative-Rock outfit that has had four consecutive platinum records during the '90s and went on to sell nearly 15 million albums worlwide.

In 2010, Ed Kowalczyk begins a new phase of his career with a solo album, "Alive", that immediately ignites with his instantly recognizable vocals and trademark lyrics. Featuring the excellent single "Grace", the CD was released in July of the same year reaching #6 on the Top Christian Albums chart.


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Ed Kowalczyk pictures:

  • Ed Kowalczyk early 90s Ed Kowalczyk early 90s
    Ed Kowalczyk in the early '90s

Alive (2010)

1. Drive
2. The Great Beyond
3. Grace
4. Stand
5. Drink (Everlasting Love)
6. Zion
7. In Your Light
8. Just In Time
9. Rome
10. Soul Whispers
11. Fire On The Mountain
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