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Edgewater photo 2004

Edgewater Biography

Alternative-Metal combo from Dallas, Texas USA, whose line-up comprised singer Matt Moseman, guitarists Justin Middleton and Micah Creel, bassist Ricky Wolking and drummer Jeremy 'Worm' Rees.

After two self-financed releases, 1999's self-titled record and 2001's "Lifter", Edgewater made their debut for Wind-up Records in the spring of 2004 with the album, "South Of Sideways"; the record was preceded by the single "Eyes Wired Shut", which was also one of the two lead cuts on "The Punisher" soundtrack. The label sent the quintet on a relentless North American tour in 2004 and 2005 with Three Days Grace, Finger Eleven, Seether and Alter Bridge, before the label dropped them out of the rooster.

Edgewater issued yet another album in August 2006, "We're Not Robots..." and finally disbanded.


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Edgewater (1999)

Edgewater self-titled album
1. Exposure
2. Selfish
3. Down Communication
4. Gone By December
5. Squeeze
6. Submerged
7. Asteroid
8. Enemy
9. Tres Quatros
10. As If You Know Me
11. Anthem

Lifter (2001)

1. Sweet Suffocation
2. Eyes Wired Shut
3. Break Me Out
4. Neglected
5. Tres Quatros
6. Ode To You
7. One Perfect Something
8. Echo
9. Won't Back Down
10. Lifter

South Of Sideways (2004)

South Of Sideways
1. Inhale
2. Science Of It All
3. Eyes Wired Shut
4. Neglected
5. Break Me Out
6. The Story Of...
7. Tres Quatros
8. Sweet Suffocation
9. One Perfect Something
10. Circles
11. Quitter
12. Lifter

We're Not Robots... (2006)

We're Not Robots...
1. Get It Right
2. Caught In The Moment
3. I Can't Breathe
4. Rock Is Dead
5. S.O.S.
6. Apples And Oranges
7. Engage
8. U
9. Son Of A Bitch
10. Digging For Sounds
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