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Edwyn Collins

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Edwyn Collins 2010

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Edwyn Collins Biography

Born on August 23, 1959, in Edinburgh, SCOTLAND, at the age of twenty, singer + guitarist & songwriter Edwyn Collins began his first foray into the music business fronting the electric guitar-driven Pop band Orange Juice which scored a U.K. top 10 hit in 1983 with the single "Rip It Up". After just four albums, Orange Juice disbanded in the mid-'80s.

Collins made his debut as a solo artist in 1989 and attracted some attention of the indie music world with "Hope And Despair", an album released on Demon Records.

One year later he put out another album, "Hellbent On Compromise", which was largely ignored by the critics and public alike.

After more than four years away from the music spot light, Edwyn Collins made a remarkable and unexpected comeback with his third solo outing, "Gorgeous Gorge", his first for Setanta; the disc, recorded in his newly built studio with former Sex Pistols drummer Paul Cook and bassist Claire Kenny, peaked at #8 on the Official U.K. Albums chart upon its September 1994 release and the lead-off single, the darkly catchy Iggy Pop tribute "A Girl Like You" catapulted into the top 5 in Britain and became a top 10 hit in most European countries. After a sluggish start on the U.S. charts, "A Girl Like You" crested at #7 on The Modern Rock Tracks and reached #32 on The Billboard Hot 100 while the album took the #183 position on The Billboard Top 200 chart.

His next album, "I'm Not Following You", arrived in September 1997 and stuttered at #55 on the U.K. Pop chart.

April 2002 saw the release of "Doctor Syntax", his final studio album for Setanta Records, which failed to garner any chart success.

Three years later Edwyn Collins suffered two brain haemorrhages that left him unable to speak, read, write, walk or feed himself. Following the long, slow process of recovery he completed "Home Again", his sixth solo album, which was released in September 2007 through Heavenly Records becoming a minor U.K. Top 100 chart entry.

Released in November 2010, "Losing Sleep", was the seventh studio effort from the Scottish singer + songwriter and his first album of new material since the stroke he suffered five years earlier, 2007's "Home Again" comprised songs written, if not recorded, beforehand. The album debuted at #45 on the British chart and includes 100 XR's favourite "Do It Again" recorded in collaboration with Alex Kapranos and Nick McCarthy from Franz Ferdinand.

His next album, "Understated", followed in spring 2013.


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