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Elefant band

Elefant band photo 2003

Elefant Biography

The New York City-based combo Elefant was assembled during the second half of 2001 when singer + guitarist Diego Garcia hooked up with guitarist Mod, bassist Jeff Berrall and drummer Kevin McAdams to form a new Alternative-Rock group, after the dissolution of the frontman's previous project.

The band would spend much of their next year gigging the NYC club scene; their live shows and songwriting skills brought them to the attention of Kemado Records, an indie label who subsequently signed them.
At the start of 2003 the foursome released a 3-track EP entitled "Gallery Girl"; their debut full-length album, "Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid", followed in April and over a year later the group shot the video for the single "Misfit".

Elefant issued their sophomore album, "The Black Magic Show", in April 2006; the disc, which included the lead single "Lolita", reached #14 on the Billboard's Top Heatseekers chart.


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Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid (2003)

Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid
1. Make Up
2. Now That I Miss Her
3. Misfit
4. Bokkie
5. Tonight Let's Dance
6. Static On Channel 4
7. Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid
8. Annie
9. Love
10. Ester

The Black Magic Show (2006)

The Black Magic Show
1. Black Magic Show
2. Sirens
3. Lolita
4. The Clown
5. Uh Oh Hello
6. Why
7. Brasil
8. My Apology
9. The Lunatic
10. It's A Shame
11. Don't Wait
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