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Element Eighty

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Element Eighty

Element Eighty photo 2005

Element Eighty Biography

Tyler, Texas USA-based Alternative-Metal outfit, Element Eighty, began in 2000 with vocalist David Galloway, guitarist Matthew Woods, bassist Roon and drummer Ryan Carroll.

After recording "Mercuric", an album which was self-released by the band in 2001, Element Eighty scored a deal with Universal Records who released their eponymous album in October 2003, it included the single "Broken Promises" which entered the top 40 of the Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart.

Two years later and after the replacement of Roon with bassist Zack Bates, the Texan rockers put out their third album overall, "The Bear", but to little success and the group called it quits.


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Mercuric (2001)

1. Flatline
2. Bloodshot
3. Echo Song
4. Ego
5. Painmaker
6. Yankee Cake
7. Frustrated
8. R&M
9. Pancake Land
10. The Same
11. Newton Trash

Element Eighty (2003)

Element Eighty
1. Goodbye
2. Bloodshot
3. Broken Promises
4. Texas Cries
5. Parachute
6. Dummy Block
7. Scars (Echo Song)
8. Slackjaw
9. Rabies
10. Pancake Land
11. Flatline
12. Rubbertooth

The Bear (2005)

The Bear
1. Guntruck
2. The Victims
3. The Sacrifice
4. War
5. Killing Me
6. The Itch
7. Boars
8. Price To Pay
9. Spite
10. Beaumont
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