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Emery photo 2007

Emery Biography

Begun in Rock Hill, South Carolina USA, in 2001, Alternative-Rock band Emery was formed when the six recent college graduates decided to pursue music full-time; upon making their decision, they also uprooted to move across country to Seattle in search of a more diverse music scene. A year later, vocalists + guitarists Toby Morrell and Devin Shelton, guitarist Matt Carter, keyboardist Josh Head, bassist Joel 'Chopper' Green and drummer Seth Studley, signed a deal with Tooth & Nail Records and started work on their first album.

"The Weak's End" was finally released in January 2004, it barely made a ripple on the U.S. Top Christian Albums chart and after tour dates with bands like Hawthorne Heights and Eighteen Visions, Emery was back in Seattle, penning tracks for their second full-length disc. That same year Emery's former drummer had left the act to get married, so the group enlisted the talents of 19-year-old drummer Dave Powell.

The group released "The Question" in August 2005, this album exceeded the band's expectations; in fact, the release debuted at #2 on the Top Christian Albums chart and peaked at #45 on The Billboard 200 Sales list; it included the single "Studying Politics".

"I'm Only A Man", arrived in October 2007; it was their first album recorded without Joel 'Chopper' Green who deceided to leave the act, Devin Shelton moved on to the bass section and the third release from Seattle transplants Emery, showed the band's musical growth and expertise, continuing with the formula that brought them to a national stage. The disc hit #4 the Top Christian Albums chart and reached the #78 position on The Billboard 200.

Emery released its fourth full-length disc, "...In Shallow Seas We Sail" in June 2009. This album continued the tradition of the band's dual frontman format, with Toby Morell and Devin Shelton once again sharing lead vocal and bass guitar duties. It combined the band's trademark screams and breakdowns and balanced these heavy sounds with catchy hooks and melodies. "Cutthroat Collapse" was the first single off the CD which debuted at #1 on the Top Christian Albums chart and at #50 on The Billboard 200.

March 2011 saw the South Carolina rockers release "We Do What We Want" which fell just one position short of #1 on the Top Christian Albums chart.


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Emery pictures:

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