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EndeverafteR photo 2007

EndeverafteR Biography

The Alternative-Rock band EndeverafteR was birthed in mid-2004, in Sacramento, California USA, where lead singer+songwriter & guitarist Michael Grant, rhythm guitarist Kristan Mallory, bassist Tommi Andrews and former drummer Austin Sinclaire decided that they wanted to go down in music history. Their influences are rooted in the deeper '60s, '70s Hard-Rock.

On "Kiss Or Kill", EndeverafteR's debut album, there are big choruses, thrashy drums, a little bit of Punk, a lot cocksure attitude and a whole lotta guitars. The disc, recorded with new drummer Eric Humbert, was released by Razor & Tie Entertainment in October 2007, it contained the single "I Wanna Be Your Man" which rocketed up to #25 on The Hot Mainstream Rock chart. The second single lifted off the CD, "Baby Baby Baby", was also an Actve Rock top 40 hit.



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EndeverafteR pictures:

  • EndeverafteR band 2006 EndeverafteR band 2006
    from left: Kristan Mallory, Tommi Andrews and Michael Grant (2006)

Kiss Or Kill (2007)

Kiss Or Kill
1. I Wanna Be Your Man
2. Baby Baby Baby
3. Gotta Get Out
4. Poison
5. Next Best Thing
6. Tip Of My Tongue
7. Road To Destruction
8. All Night
9. Slave
10. From The Ashes Of Sin
11. Long Way Home
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