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Eve 6

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Eve 6 band 2011

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Eve 6 Biography

Founded in the mid-'90s in Los Angeles, California USA, this Alternative-Rock band initially comprised of vocalist + bassist Max Collins and guitarist Jon Siebels. The final line-up was completed, when Tony Fagenson, son of producer Don Was, joined on drums.

By the fall of 1996, the trio secured a contract with RCA Records who released their self-titled debut album in the spring of 1998. The first single, "Inside Out", surprisingly hit #1 on The Modern Rock chart, #5 on The Mainstream Rock Tracks and #28 on The Billboard Hot 100, while the CD cracked The Billboard Top 200 chart at #33 getting the platinum plaque. "Leech", the second single, was also a significant hit at Modern and Active Rock radio as it climbed up to #6 and #10, respectively, on the Billboard charts.

Eve 6's second effort, "Horrorscope", appeared in mid-2000 but failed to become platinum; it went gold reaching the #34 position on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart; the record included three singles: "Promise", which rocketed straight to #3 on The Modern Rock chart, "On The Roof Again" peaked at #19 on the same chart and "Here's To The Night" made it into the top 30 of The Billboard Hot 100.

"Think Twice", released in summer 2003, crashed into the top 10 of The Modern Rock Tracks, it preceded the group's third album, "It's All In Your Head", which rose to #27 on The Billboard 200.

The trio disbanded in 2004 at the band's last show in St. Louis but rose from the dead in the spring of 2008 for Baltimoreans in Towson, Maryland, with Collins, Fagenson and new guitarist Matt Bair.

Eve 6 regrouped with its original members for "Speak In Code", their comeback album which was released in April 2012, through Fearless Records. "Victoria", the first single from the long-awaited fourth studio set, hit #25 on The Alternative Songs chart and the album climbed into the top 40 of The Billboard 200.


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Eve 6 pictures:

  • Eve 6 band 2003 Eve 6 band 2003
    Group shot 2003

Eve 6 (1998)

Eve 6 self-titled album
1. How Much Longer
2. Inside Out
3. Leech
4. Showerhead
5. Open Road Song
6. Jesus Nitelite
7. Superhero Girl
8. Tongue Tied
9. Saturday Night
10. There's A Face
11. Small Town Trap

Horrorscope (2000)

1. Rescue
2. Promise
3. On The Roof Again
4. Sunset Strip Bitch
5. Here's To The Night
6. Amphetamines
7. Enemy
8. Nocturnal
9. Jet Pack
10. Nightmare
11. Bang
12. Girl Eyes

It's All In Your Head (2003)

It's All In Your Head
1. Without You Here
2. Think Twice
3. At Least We're Dreaming
4. Still Here Waiting
5. Good Lives
6. Hey Montana
7. Bring The Night On
8. Friend Of Mine
9. Girlfriend
10. Not Gonna Be Alone Tonight
11. Hokis
12. Arch Drive Goodbye

Speak In Code (2012)

Speak In Code
1. Curtain
2. Victoria
3. Situation Infactuation
4. B.F.G.F.
5. Lion's Den
6. Blood Brothers
7. Lost And Found
8. Moon
9. Downtown
10. Trust Me
11. Everything
12. Pick Up The Pieces
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