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Eve To Adam

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Eve To Adam

Eve To Adam photo 2013
LtoR: Gaurav Bali, Luis Espaillat, Taki Sassaris, Alex Sassaris and Adam Latiff

Eve To Adam Biography

Vocalist Taki Sassaris is the visionary force behind this Alternative-Rock band which was formed in the late '90s in New York City, New York USA. Sassaris started Eve To Adam with guitarist Gaurav Bali, bassist A.J. Pappas and his younger brother, Alex Sassaris, on drums.

The group successfully opened for Mötley Crüe and Scorpions on the Maximum Rock tour in 1999, without even having released a CD.
Two years later, in July 2001, Eve To Adam decided to release its debut album, "Auburn Slip", independently on their own Mikendra Records label in order maintain complete creative control over their music.

They toured extensively in the Eastern half of the United States for the next two years and in November 2003 issued a second release, "Antidote", a CD with a difference in that it is also an enhanced-CD, featuring not just the five listed songs, but also, footage of unplugged performances and dynamic, electric performances, including an otherwise unreleased song recorded and filmed at New York's legendary CBGB.

In late 2006, Sassaris brothers, Bali and bass player Riv loaded up a van and drove cross-country to Los Angeles. For two months, four guys shared one hotel room while they recorded their third album, "Queens To Eden". The disc was released in June 2007 and the New York City quartet opened for and toured with Daughtry, Saliva, Crossfade, Smile Empty Soul, The Exies, Tesla, 3 Doors Down and 12 Stones respectively, completing a tour regimen of 112 concerts. With an ever-increasing fanbase on the rise, in 2008 the band was once again on the road in support of their most successful single, the anthem for the men and women of the U.S. armed services, "Comin' Home (A Stranger)".

Armed with new management, a new label and new bassist Eric Bergmann, the reinvigorated Eve To Adam resurfaced with their fourth album, "Banquet For A Starving Dog", released via Universal Music Group's distribution arm in September 2011. The set included the singles "Run Your Mouth" and "Reach".

In spring 2013 the NYC-rockers put out a new combustible single titled "Straitjacket Supermodel" which was contained on the band's next full-length disc, "Locked & Loaded", eventually released that fall. This time the core trio of Sassaris brothers and Bali were joined by new bass player Luis Espaillat and rhythm guitarist Adam Latiff.


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