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The Exit

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The Exit band

The Exit band photo 2004
from left: Jeff DaRosa, Gunnar Olsen and Ben Brewer

The Exit Biography

Combining elements of 80's dub and Reggae with '90s' Punk and Indie-Rock, this New York City-based trio was first formed in 1999 by guitarist Ben Brewer and drummer Gunnar Olsen; they were later joined by vocalist + bassist Jeff DaRosa and together the group began playing clubs.

The Exit's debut full-length disc, "New Beat", was released in May 2002 on Some Records; once the record was out the guys hit the road non-stop to support it.

The band unleashed their second album, "Home For An Island", in the fall of 2004, it included the single "Don't Push".


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The Exit pictures:

  • The Exit band in the studio The Exit band in the studio
    The Exit in studio

New Beat (2002)

New Beat
1. Worthless
2. Lonely Man's Wallet
3. Sit And Wait
4. Scream And Shout
5. Trapped
6. Find Me
7. Still Waiting
8. When I'm Free
9. Defacto
10. Question The Chorus
11. Watertown

Home For An Island (2004)

Home For An Island
1. Don't Push
2. Home For An Island
3. Tell Me All Again
4. Back To The Rebels
5. Italy
6. Let's Go To Haiti
7. Darlin
8. So Leave Then
9. Soldier
10. Already Gone
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