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The Explosion Biography

This Alternative-Rock Punk-Rock Boston, Massachusetts USA-based outfit was formed in 1998 when vocalist Matthew Hock, guitarist David Walsh and bass player Damian Genuardi decided to get together and make music, eventually they enlisted two more members: second guitarist Sam Cave and Andrew Black on drums.

Around this time the group recorded a five-track demo EP. In the summer of 2000 the quintet released their debut full-length disc, "Flash Flash Flash", on Jade Tree; subsequently, they toured the States and Europe with bands like AFI and Social Distortion.

The next release, the 5-song CD, "Sick Of Modern Art", was issued in April of 2003 on their own label, Tarantulas Records.

The Explosion then inked a new deal with Virgin Records and released their major label debut album, "Black Tape", in October 2004; the first single, "Here I Am", broke them into the top 40 of The Modern Rock chart.


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Flash Flash Flash (2000)

Flash Flash Flash
1. No Revolution
2. God Bless The S.O.S.
3. Reactor
4. Broken Down And Out
5. Outbound Line
6. Tarantulas Attack
7. Terrorist
8. The Ideal
9. If You Don't Know
10. Novocaine
11. Leave It In The Dirt
12. Conniption Fit
13. Points West
14. True Or False

Black Tape (2004)

Black Tape
1. Deliver Us
2. Filthy Insane
3. Here I Am
4. I Know
5. We All Fall Down
6. Mothers Cry
7. Atrocity
8. Go Blank
9. No Revolution
10. Heavyweight
11. Grace
12. Hollywood Sign
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