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Eye Empire

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Eye Empire

Eye Empire band photo 2011

Eye Empire Biography

The origin of Eye Empire began in 2007 when Corey Lowery, previously of the bands Stuck Mojo, Stereomud and Dark New Day and Bradley 'B.C.' Kochmit formerly of the Cleveland-based Switched started to construct what would eventually become the foundation of this Alternative-Metal outfit.
After two years of writing and searching for the right voice, Donald Carpenter from the Texan metallers Submersed joined the group in October of 2009 followed by Ryan Bennett on drums.

The band's debut album, "Moment Of Impact", was initially self-released in 2010. Two years later was renamed to "Impact" and re-released as a 2-CD set with an expanded track listing. The main single, "More Than Fate", received moderate airplay on Active-Rock stations.


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