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Eyes Set To Kill

Eyes Set To Kill bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Eyes Set To Kill

Eyes Set To Kill photo 2013
from left: Caleb Clifton, Anissa Rodriguez, Alexia Rodriguez and Cisko Miranda

Eyes Set To Kill Biography

Based in Phoenix, Arizona USA, Eyes Set To Kill became soon one of the most talked about groups on the melodic Metalcore scene since their formation in 2004. Although for most of the group's history, the frequently changing line-up revolved around the core duo of sisters Alexia Rodriguez, on vocals + guitar & keyboards and Anissa Rodriguez on bass along with numerous other screamo vocalists and rhythm guitarists including Greg Kerwin, Brandon Anderson and Cisko Miranda. The Rodriguez sisters, Miranda and longtime drummer Caleb Clifton recorded most of the band's signature material.

Eyes Set To Kill's debut album, "Reach", was released in February 2008 on BreakSilence Recordings.

The group's sophomore CD, "The World Outside", followed in June 2009 reaching #26 on the Top Independent Albums chart.

Almost exactly one year later Eyes Set To Kill churned out a new record: "Broken Frames". It was the first and only to feature screamer Justin Denson who steppen in to replace Anderson.

The Arizona-based Metal collective resurfaced in August 2011 with "White Lotus", a more Goth-tinged effort.

Eyes Set To Kill signed to Century Media in the summer of 2012 and in September 2013 issued their fifth full-length album, "Masks". The disc, which contained the Active Rock top 40 hit "Infected", became the band's first album to chart on The Billboard 200.


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Eyes Set To Kill pictures:

  • The Rodriguez sisters of Eyes Set To Kill 2010 The Rodriguez sisters of  Eyes Set To Kill 2010
    The Rodriguez sisters in 2010