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Falling In Reverse

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Falling In Reverse

Falling In Reverse photo 2013

Falling In Reverse Biography

The Alternative-Metal troop Falling In Reverse originated in Las Vegas, Nevada USA, in 2008 by singer Ronnie Radke. After years of drama and speculation following Radke's departure from Escape The Fate, the talented frontman lifted himself from the depths of adversity and resurfaced with this project alongside lead guitarist Jacky Vincent, rhythm guitarist Derek Jones , bass player Mika Horiuchi and drummer Ryan Seaman.

The quintet's debut album, "The Drug In Me Is You", was released in July 2011 on Epitaph Records and the disc made a pretty solid chart debut at #19 on The Billboard 200. It contained a minor Rock radio hit, "I'm Not A Vampire".

Latest News:

Following the departure of Horiuchi and arrival of new bassist Ron Ficarro, Falling In Reverse are set to return to the music scene June 18, 2013, with the release of their sophomore album, "Fashionably Late". The set includes the single "Alone".


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Falling In Reverse pictures:

  • Falling In Reverse band lineup 2011 Falling In Reverse band lineup 2011
    The band line-up 2011

The Drug In Me Is You (2011)

The Drug In Me Is You
1. Raised By Wolves
2. Tragic Magic
3. The Drug In Me Is You
4. I'm Not A Vampire
5. Good Girls Bad Guys
6. Pick Up The Phone
7. Don't Mess With Ouija Boards
8. Sink Or Swim
9. Caught Like A Fly
10. Goodbye Graceful
11. The Westerner

Fashionably Late (2013)

Cover-Art posted on Epitaph.com
Fashionably Late
Tracklisting posted on Epitaph.com

1. Champion
2. Bad Girls Club
3. Rolling Stone
4. Fashionably Late
5. Alone
6. Born To Lead
7. It's Over When It's Over
8. Game Over
9. Self-Destruct Personality
10. Fuck The Rest
11. Keep Holding On
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