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Family Of The Year

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Family Of The Year band

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Family Of The Year Biography

Indie Alternative-Pop outfit Family Of The Year formed in 2009 in Los Angeles, California USA, around the core of Welsh brothers Joseph Keefe on vocals + guitar and Sebastian Keefe on drums. The band, which also features guitarist James Buckey, keyboardist Christina Schroeter and original bassist Brent Freaney, issued a pair of EPs on its own Washashore Records imprint.

Their first proper full album, "Songbook", was released in February 2010. The list of artists that Family Of The Year has played with over the years is notable, including Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, who took the band on tour early in its career, Mumford & Sons, though arguably the most impressive opening gig so far was when the band warmed up a Ben Folds performance with the Boston Pops Orchestra.

The LA-based Folk-popsters then signed with Nettwerk Records and in July 2012 released their second full-length disc, "Loma Vista"; it contains the Alternative Songs top 30 hit single "Hero".


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Songbook (2010)

1. Feel Good Track Of Rosemead
2. Let's Be Honest
3. Treehouse
4. Putting Money And Stuff
5. Stupidland
6. Summer Girl
7. Surprise
8. No Good At Nothing
9. Charlie Song
10. Intervention (Staple Jeans)
11. I Played Drums On This
12. Castoff
13. Psyche Or Like Scope
14. Let's Go Down
15. Jamesy

Loma Vista (2012)

Loma Vista
1. The Stairs
2. Diversity
3. St. Croix
4. Buried
5. Hero
6. Everytime
7. Living On Love
8. Hey Ma
9. In The End
10. Never Enough
11. Find It
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