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The Features Biography

Hailing from the sleepy town of Sparta, Tennessee USA, this Indie-Rock four-piece band first came together in 1997 with vocalist + guitarist Matthew Pelham, bassist Roger Dabbs, keyboardist Parrish Yaw and drummer Rollum Haas eventually filling out the line-up.

They started out playing covers in and around Nashville, recording an eponymous EP; over the next few years the band was able to begin working on their follow-up record under a new contract, they signed to British label Fierce Panda who released in autumn of 2003 "The Beginning" EP.

In America The Features was signed to Universal Records in early 2004. During the year the band completed their debut full-length album, "Exhibit A", which was released that September in the U.S. on Universal imprint Temptation; the 12-song set included two infectious singles, "Blow It Out" and "Leave It All Behind".

Two years later Yaw was replaced by new keyboard player Mark Bond and the group eventually issued another EP, "Contrast".
The Features then opted to record its second full-length disc, "Some Kind Of Salvation", which was self-released in mid-2008.


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The Features pictures:

  • The Features band lineup 2004 The Features band lineup 2004
    The band line-up 2004

Exhibit A (2004)

Exhibit A
1. Exhibit A
2. Way It's Meant to Be
3. Me And the Skirts
4. Blow It Out
5. There's a Million Ways to Sing the Blues
6. Leave It All Behind
7. Exorcising Demons
8. Idea of Growing Old
9. Someway, Somehow
10. Situation Gone Bad
11. Harder to Ignore
12. Circus

Some Kind Of Salvation (2008)

Some Kind Of Salvation
1. Whatever Gets You By
2. The Drawing Board
3. Foundation's Cracked
4. GMF
5. The Temporary Blues
6. Wooden Heart
7. The Gates Of Hell
8. Still Lost
9. Baby's Hammer
10. Lions
11. Concrete
12. Off Track
13. All I Ask

Wilderness (2011)

1. Content
2. Kids
3. Another One
4. Big Mama Gonna Whip Us Good
5. How It Starts
6. Rambo
7. Offer Up
8. Golden Comb
9. Fats Domino
10. Love Is
11. Chapter III
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