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Fight Or Flight

Fight Or Flight bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Fight Or Flight band

Fight Or Flight photo 2013
from left: Dan Donegan, Sean Corcoran, Dan Chandler, Jeremy Jayson and Mike Wengren

Fight Or Flight Biography

While on hiatus from multi-platinum Metal heavyweights Disturbed in 2012, guitarist Dan Donegan started to intensely miss touring and recording. So, he reached out to Evans Blue frontman Dan Chandler with the idea to form a new band: Fight Or Flight.
They began sending each other songs back and forth via email and meeting in person in Chicago, Illinois USA, where they met up with drummer Mike Wengren, also from Disturbed, with whom they recorded some material. Not long after they realized that their creation has come to life and was time to round out the band line-up. They turned to Ra's Sean Corcoran on bass and guitarist Jeremy Jayson a well-respected local staple in the Milwaukee music scene.

Fight Or Flight's first single, "First Of The Last", did receive some airplay on Active Rock radio in May 2013, the band's debut album, "A Life By Design?", was finally released that July and it reached #87 on The Billboard 200.


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Fight Or Flight pictures:

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A Life By Design? (2013)

A Life By Design?
1. First Of The Last
2. Emphatic
3. It's Over
4. Eraser
5. Leaving
6. If It Hurts
7. You Refuse
8. The Average
9. Take A Shot
10. A Void
11. Shine
12. Tragedy
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