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Fighting Instinct

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Fighting Instinct band

Fighting Instinct photo 2006

Fighting Instinct Biography

Vocalist + guitarist T.J. Harris and drummer Dallas Farmer had played together for several years before they met up with bass player Jason Weekly in the Winston-Salem/Greensboro area, North Carolina USA, forming the Alternative-Rock band Fighting Instinct.

In May 2006 the group released their self-titled debut album on Virgin/Gotee. The disc was preceded by the single "I Found Forever" which peaked at #31 on The Mainstream Rock chart.

Fighting Instinct officially disbanded in 2008 when frontman T.J. Harris joined Decyfer Down.


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Fighting Instinct (2006)

Fighting Instinct self-titled album
1. I Found Forever
2. You Don't Know
3. Crush
4. Light My Way
5. Back To You
6. My Heart Cries Out
7. The Call
8. You Found Me First
9. All Or Nothing
10. Just To Please You
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