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Filter band

Filter band photo 2013

Filter Biography

The Industrial Alternative-Rock project Filter, consisting of ex-Nine Inch Nails Richard Patrick on vocals + bass & guitar and Brian Liesegang on guitars + keyboards & drums, started out as a two-man outfit in 1993 in Cleveland, Ohio USA.

The pair produced, recorded and engineered "Short Bus" between the summer and fall of 1994; their debut full-length disc was released on Reprise in 1995 and debuted at #59 on The Billboard 200 chart, it included the provocative angst-ridden single "Hey Man, Nice Shot", which crashed into the top 10 of The Modern Rock chart, propelling the album to platinum sales status.

After Liesegang departed in 1997, Patrick began working on Filter's second release. He relocated to Chicago, started building Abyssinian Sons Studio and recruited guitarist Geno Lenardo, bassist Frank Cavanagh and drummer Steve Gillis. Not everything went so smoothly, while following up "Short Bus" with the superior "Title Of Record", Patrick was consumed by his addictions to alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, but the music opened up sonically and he literally started finding his voice. Issued in August 1999 via Warner Bros. the album peaked at #30 on The Billboard Top 200 and subsequently went platinum on the back of the Modern Rock top 3 smash "Take A Picture", this track also stormed The Billboard Hot 100 rocketing to #12, peaked at #4 on The Mainstream Rock Tracks, topped the Dance charts and became a U.K. top 40 hit. Driven by downtuned guitars, "Welcome To The Fold", was another Active Rock radio top 10 hit and the final single, "The Best Things", held the #18 spot on The Modern Rock chart.

The simultaneously more metallic and mainstream follow-up album, "The Amalgamut", arrived in the summer of 2002 reaching the #32 position on The Billboard 200. The disc reflected the chaos in Patrick's life, Lenardo and Gillis made some contributions, but Patrick struggled to stay focused. The album's most personal song and first single was "Where Do We Go From Here", it peaked at #11 on The Modern Rock chart and at #12 on The Mainstream Rock Tracks; the second single, "American Cliché", stuttered at #40 on the Active Rock airplay chart. In October of that same year Patrick decided to enter rehab, negating the possibility of the band touring to support the record.

Richard Patrick then delved into creating the arena-Rock-based Army Of Anyone with Stone Temple Pilots siblings Dean and Robert DeLeo and drummer Ray Luzier. Patrick had never fully been involved with a band as a frontman, so between 2004 and 2007 they wrote and recorded their self-titled album and toured behind it.

Patrick returned to Filter and recorded their fourth album, "Anthems For The Damned", in his home studio and Pulse Studios in Los Angeles. Guitarist John 5 cowrote two of the songs and played guitar, ex-Limp Bizkit Wes Borland and drummer Josh Freese, contributed as well. The result was the most melodic and mature Filter work to date. The disc eventually debuted at #5 on the U.S. Top Independent Albums chart and at #60 on The Billboard 200 upon its May 2008 release. 23-year-old Justin Eyerly, was killed in action in Baghdad in 2004, inspiring Patrick to write the somber lead single "Soldiers Of Misfortune" which hit #27 on The Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks.
As anti-authoritarian as ever, Filter roared back onto the live scene after years of being absent, playing 80 shows in four months, including the Operation MySpace gig before 10,000 soldiers in the Kuwaiti desert. With its new touring band, which included guitarist Mitchell Marlow, bass player John Spiker and drummer Mika Fineo, Filter made a strong comeback.

In 2009 the band recorded the magnificent single "Fades Like A Photograph", which was featured on the soundtrack for the blockbuster action movie "2012".

Around this time Richard Patrick restructured the line-up with Otep's Rob Patterson on guitar, Phil Buckman on bass and Fineo on drums. In the summer 2010 the group released their fifth studio album, "The Trouble With Angels", which reached #64 on The Billboard 200 trailed by the first single, "The Inevitable Relapse".

A bit more than a year later the band covered ZZ Top's "Gimme All Your Lovin'", in the typical energized Filer style; the track appeared on the tribute album "ZZ Top: A Tribute From Friend".

Richard Patrick next project was a new Filter album titled album, "Gurney And The Burning Books", which marked the introduction of the band's newest addition, co-writer and guitarist Jonny Radtke. Prior to joining Filter, Radtke's guitar stylings were best known for gracing the stage with his previous band, Kill Hannah and the live incarnation of Ashes Divide. The disc came out on Wind-up Records in May 2013 reaching #52 on The Billboard 200; it contains the Active Rock top 20 hit "What Do You Say".


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Filter pictures:

  • Filter band lineup 2002 Filter band lineup 2002
    The band line-up 2002
  • Filter band 2008 Filter band 2008
    from left: Mika Fineo, Mitchell Marlow and Richard Patrick