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Finding Clyde

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Finding Clyde

Finding Clyde photo 2011

Finding Clyde Biography

Hailing from Essexville, Michigan USA, the Alternative-Rock band Finding Clyde began taking shape in 2009 when Garber High School graduates, singer + guitarist Joe Rivard, lead guitarist Jack Neymeiyer, bass player Tony Rivard and drummer Marc Scott, decided to make music together.

Having spent the summer of 2010 opening for national acts ranging from Alice Cooper and Tesla to Billy Idol, 3 Doors Down and NeedToBreathe, just before the year was out Finding Clyde issued its self-titled first album.

A second release, "Sacrifice It All", followed in September 2011; the album's opening track "Get Higher" eventually made it into the Active Rock top 40 chart.


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Finding Clyde pictures:

  • Finding Clyde band 2010 Finding Clyde band 2010
    [L2R] Joe Rivard, Marc Scott, Jack Neymeiyer and Tony Rivard - (2010)

Finding Clyde (2010)

Finding Clyde self-titled album
1. I Don't Care At All
2. Be Someone
3. Thoughts Of You
4. Stay Awhile
5. Promises
6. Dying Day
7. Time Waster
8. Take What I Can Get
9. Taxicab
10. Beautiful Goodbye

Sacrifice It All (2011)

Sacrifice It All
1. Get Higher
2. Answer Me
3. Sacrifice It All
4. Let Me Be
5. Feels The Same
6. I Hate That I Love You
7. Promises
8. Dying Day
9. Take What I Can Get
10. Thoughts Of You
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