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Five.Bolt.Main photo 2006

Five.Bolt.Main Biography

The Louisville, Kentucky USA-based act Five.Bolt.Main featured former members of the heavy-Rock band Flaw, including lead singer Chris Volz as well as original member, drummer Ivan Arnold. Flaw, which was signed to Republic Records, released two albums that sold almost half a million copies before being unceremoniously dropped in late 2004. The new band also featured guitarists Aaron Welenken and Jason Chandler and bass player Ben Patrick.

Five.Bolt.Main was eventually signed to Rock Ridge Music who released their debut album, "Venting", in September 2005.

The record went nowhere and in 2007 Chris Volz resurfaced as a solo artist with the album "Redemption".


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Venting (2005)

1. The Gift
2. Pathetic
3. Wait In Line
4. Broken Compass
5. What You Are
6. Slip
7. Breathing
8. Seem To Be Fine
9. Life Of Mine
10. Descending
11. Made Like This
12. Bid Farewell
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