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Flickerstick photo 2004

Flickerstick Biography

The Dallas, Texas USA-based outfit Flickerstick started out in 1997 as a five-piece unit and soon began to play regular gigs; the band comprised Brandin Lea as lead vocals+guitar, Cory Kreig on guitars+keyboards, second guitarist Rex James Ewing, Brandin's brother Fletcher Lea on bass and drummer Todd Harwell.

In 2000, the Alternative-Rock quintet won VH1's "Bands On The Run"; the triumph on the cable TV reality series, landed them a deal with Epic records who released their debut album, "Welcoming Home The Astronauts", in the spring of 2001, the record cracked The Billboard Top 200 chart and included the Modern Rock top 30 single "Coke".
After the first promotional tour, Epic dropped the band that released independently the live-set "Causing A Catastrophe" in late 2002.
The next year the boys decided to release a 6-track EP/DVD entitled "To Madagascar and Back".
During 2004 Flickerstick signed a deal with the Texan record label Idol Records and in October, issued their second full-length disc, "Tarantula", the new album includes the single "Teenage Dope Fiend".


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Welcoming Home The Astronauts (2001)

Welcoming Home The Astronauts
1. Lift (With Love We Will Survive)
2. Got A Feeling
3. Beautiful
4. Smile
5. Coke
6. Sorry... Wrong Trajectory
7. Chloroform The One You Love
8. You're So Hollywood
9. Talk Show Host
10. Hey Or When The Drugs Wear Off
11. Direct Line To The Telepathic
12. Execution By X-Mas Lights

To Madagascar And Back [EP/DVD] (2003)

To Madagascar And Back - EP-DVD
1. Open Up Your Eyes
2. Girls And Pills
3. Blue
4. The Tourist
5. All We Are Is Gone
6. Miss Missing You

Tarantula (2004)

1. Catholic Scars And Chocolate Bars
2. When You Were Young
3. Teenage Dope Fiend
4. Bleeding
5. Never Enough
6. The Tourist
7. Money And Dealers
8. Girls And Pills
9. All We Are Is Gone
10. Rain
11. Pistol In My Hand
12. The Ones
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