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Flogging Molly

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Flogging Molly

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Flogging Molly Biography

Founded in Los Angeles, California USA, in 1997 by Dublin born singer + guitarist & songwriter Dave King, Flogging Molly got its start and its name from a local bar called Molly Malone's where the band played and grew and laid down the blueprint for its eventual success. From night to night playing to a packed house at Molly Malone's, the sound evolved organically; traditional Celtic instruments like violin, mandolin and accordion blended seamlessly with grinding guitars and pounding drums.
The band, comprised of King, fiddle player Bridget Regan, guitarist Dennis Casey, mandolinist + banjo player Robert Schmidt, accordion player + pianist Matt Hensley, bassist Nathen Maxwell and drummer George Schwindt, with their amazing work ethic and rapidly growing fan base led them to do-it-yourself-style record label, Side One Dummy.

In March 2000, Side One Dummy, issued the band's debut album, "Swagger". It included "The Worst Day Since Yesterday", which later found its way into the Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt film, "Mr. And Mrs. Smith" and sold over 50,000 copies before Flogging Molly headed back into the studio to record their 2002 follow-up LP, "Drunken Lullabies"; the group's sophomore release debuted at #8 on the U.S. Top Independent Albums chart and also entered The Billboard 200 at #157.

Flogging Molly sounds a bit softer than before, with the mix relatively de-emphasizing electric guitar in favor of other instruments on their next album, "Within A Mile Of Home", which climbed into the top 20 of The Billboard 200 upon its September 2004 release.

The group's fourth album, "Float", recorded in King's native Ireland and released in March 2008, delivers still another iteration of the band's sonic evolution; more mature yet retaining the immediacy that marks all of their work, "Float" may find the widest audience acceptance of any Flogging Molly album. It shot straight into the top 5 of The Billboard 200 list generating a couple of Modern Rock top 40 hits with the title-track and "Requiem For A Dying Song".

Flogging Molly resurfaced in May 2011 with "Speed Of Darkness" peaking at #9 on The Billboard Top 200 Albums chart while the lead-off single reached the #39 spot on The Alternative Songs chart.


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