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Foals bio, timeline, discography, pics & more

Foals band

Foals band photo 2012

Foals Biography

The Alternative-Rock band Foals had been founded in 2005, in Oxford, ENGLAND, by a bunch of university drop-outs: singer + guitarist Yannis Philippakis, vocalist Andrew Mears, guitarist Jimmy Smith, bassist Walter Gervers and drummer Jack Bevan.

Within a year, however and after just one single with the group, Mears left the band who invited keyboardist Edwin Congreave to join.
March 2008 saw Foals rise to prominence with their debut album, "Antidotes", entering the U.K. chart at #3.

The Oxford quintet issued their sophomore album, "Total Life Forever", in May 2010 and again they hit the top 10 of the British chart.

In February 2013 Foals put out "Holy Fire", the disc became their breakthrough album peaking at #2 in their native England, it also hit #1 in Australia and reached #86 on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 list while the main single, "Inhaler", ascended into the top 20 of The Alternative Songs chart.


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Foals pictures:

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Antidotes (2008)

1. The French Open
2. Cassius
3. Red Socks Pugie
4. Olympic Airways
5. Electric Bloom
6. Balloons
7. Heavy Water
8. Two Steps, Twice
9. Big Big Love (Fig .2)
10. Like Swimming
11. Tron

Total Life Forever (2010)

Total Life Forever
1. Blue Blood
2. Miami
3. Total Life Forever
4. Black Gold
5. Spanish Sahara
6. This Orient
7. Fugue
8. After Glow
9. Alabaster
10. 2 Trees
11. What Remains

Holy Fire (2013)

Holy Fire
1. Prelude
2. Inhaler
3. My Number
4. Bad Habit
5. Everytime
6. Late Night
7. Out Of The Woods
8. Milk And Black Spiders
9. Providence
10. Stepson
11. Moon
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